Accessing forms in SinglePoint

By Boston Software on October 7th, 2018

There are three different ways to access forms in SinglePoint. Two options allow you to create blank forms, with no pre-filled information. A third option lets you pre-fill a form with client information and coverages.

Option 1: From the SinglePoint dashboard, click Open in the top navigation bar and then Forms from the drop-down menu.

Option 2: From the dashboard, click the purple New Form button.

Be sure to select Create New Client if you want to save the form. Leaving the radio button on None will prevent you from saving and/or editing the form.

Option 3: From the Premiums Tab, rate your quote and the View Plan Summary button (magnifying glass) will appear.

Open the Plan Summary. At the top of the Plan Summary, select Forms.

When your form is complete, save it. This is the ONLY way to pre-fill a form with client information and coverages. This will allow you to create a .pdf that can be printed, edited, and emailed.