Answers to frequently asked questions about SinglePoint

By Charlie Walsh on October 31st, 2017

When will I get the new SinglePoint?

We will be begin delivering it in November to small groups of agents, approx. 25-75 at a time. This staggered rollout will allow us to make sure agents get the service and technical support they may need when first learning the new comparative rating system.

How will I get SinglePoint? Do I have to download anything?

You don’t need to download any software. SinglePoint is a Web-based platform, so you will just navigate to our website and log in by entering your existing user ID and password.

Will SinglePoint cost the same as WinRater? Will there be additional fees?

The SinglePoint License Fees are the same as WinRater. There are no additional fees of any kind.

Will SinglePoint have all the same features and functionality as WinRater?

Yes. However, some features such as agency management system integrations or ACORD forms may not be available till December or January.

Will SinglePoint support the same lines of business as WinRater did?

Yes. However, the initial release version in November will support Auto and Homeowners. We will add Dwelling/Fire and Umbrella shortly thereafter.

Why are you changing the rating software now?

All of us vendors, agents, and carriers have to keep up with the latest technology. And Boston Software is no different. WinRater was a great product, but there are so many benefits to being available on the web, including 24/7 access from any computer.

Will I still be able to use WinRater?

Yes, we’ll support both systems for a while. You’ll have access to WinRater and SinglePoint during this transition period. At some point in the near future, likely February of 2018, we will officially retire WinRater.

What Internet browser(s) can I use to access SinglePoint?

SinglePoint will run in commonly-used browsers including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge.

Will I have to set up SinglePoint or can I just begin using it?

All users will need a SinglePoint user ID and password to log in to SinglePoint, but you most likely have your user ID / password already because you need these in WinRater today for many functions including Real-Time Rating, Real-Time Submitting, RMV retrieval, etc.

There are other things you can do to make sure your SinglePoint is optimized for your agency workflow. The SinglePoint Manager in your agency can set up various defaults for coverage and limits, quote delivery, etc.

Will we have access to our old saved quotes in WinRater? [ACTION REQUIRED]

Yes, if you choose you can move up to 18 months of saved quotes from WinRater to your new SinglePoint database. Just let us know by completing this short form and we will migrate your data for you.

How will I learn how to use SinglePoint?

There will be many opportunities to learn the software. We deliberately tried to keep the workflow similar to WinRater, so we’re confident that you will be able to pick it up pretty quickly. But we will have plenty of online videos, webinars, and live trainings to educate you. And of course you can always call or email us for support.

2 thoughts on “Answers to frequently asked questions about SinglePoint”

  1. Paula HImmelman says:

    Will the new singlepoint be able to support more than just the State of Mass?

    1. Charlie Walsh says:

      No. Sorry. Just Massachusetts for the foreseeable future.

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