Don’t forget about these other valuable products

By Charlie Walsh on November 30th, 2017

If your agency is looking to automate more tasks and generate more business, you should consider two often-overlooked products. WinRater Workers’ Comp Software lets you quickly and easily quote workers’ comp policies. This tried-and-true product has been used by MA agents over the years to sell and service this important commercial product. Many agents believe that writing a client’s Workers’ Comp business is a great way to get a foothold into an account, demonstrate their expertise, and be in a position to win more business. WinRater can automate the quoting of these policies and, more importantly, make you look professional in the process.

SinglePoint Leads lets visitors to your website and Facebook page quickly generate their own Auto and HO quote. Once they have the quote, you can jump in to offer advice and close the sale. It’s like another spoke in your marketing wheel. Over 100 MA agencies are using SinglePoint Leads and getting results. Why not you?

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