Improvements to training and support showing results

By Charlie Walsh on April 28th, 2017

As we reported in February’s newsletter, we increased our training and support efforts to make sure your agency is getting all the help and information it needs to use WinRater/SinglePoint to its maximum potential.

We’ve already begun to see better results with our training webinars by breaking them down into Basic, Advanced, and Carrier-specific sessions. More agents are attending each of these. We are able to target specific issues and more thoroughly explain features and how things work. And the comments and feedback we are getting from agent tells us we are definitely on the right track.

The Resource Center on our newly-designed website is being utilized more and more, according to Google Analytics. Anecdotally, agents tell us the Search feature makes it much easier to find the answers they are looking for.

Michele Gillen continues to pound the pavement and visit agencies to train. She expects to visit more than 100 agencies in 2017.

Often when Michele visits an agency, she doesn’t just “train” by demonstrating how to use the software. Much of her time is spent making sure your WinRater/SinglePoint is set up for the optimal workflow. That is, she makes sure your preferred coverages are defaulted correctly, CSR workflow preferences are setup, each of your staff has a SinglePoint username and password, your carrier credentials are entered in SinglePoint, quotes are being saved to the correct database, etc., She kind of gives your WinRater/SinglePoint a tune-up. (You can do these things yourself – the topics are covered in the Advanced webinars.)

Our internal tracking shows that certain Technical Support issues have decreased over the past months. These include issues with the RMV Retrieval and SoftSync updating. Our Tech Support team – Terry, Jed, Chandler, Michele and John – believe this has to do with bug fixes/improvements we made and a renewed effort by agents to help report & resolve issues.

We fully expect moving WinRater to SinglePoint Rating will have a positive impact, too. Many tech support issues – such as running updates via SoftSync and issues with creating/printing Forms – are related to running on Microsoft Windows. We are really optimistic that a fully web-enabled platform will overcome this.

Let’s keep up the good work – onward and upward!

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