Key facts about SinglePoint

By Charlie Walsh on November 30th, 2017

The switch from WinRater to SinglePoint is kind of a big deal, so we wanted to be sure that you are well aware of some key things about SinglePoint. For example, SinglePoint:

  • will let you access all important features from a simple Dashboard including recent quotes, settings/preferences, incoming leads, etc.;
  • will come loaded with Notes, descriptions, and/or explanations of carrier endorsements, credits, and coverages. These are written by carrier staff themselves to help you understand their rate plan and get more accurate, comprehensive rates in SinglePoint;
  • will have more Real-Time Rating carriers;
  • will let you set 4 different defaults for coverages. For example, you can set up Auto Rating Parts 1-12 for Minimum, Standard, Maximum, and Custom coverages;
  • will support our integrated partners including Thrifty Premium Financing and Nations Safe Drivers;
  • will integrate with Agency Management Systems including Special Agent, Vertafore, and Applied (all the systems that integrated with WinRater) as well as some new management systems;
  • will automatically support/update your Agency Codes;
  • will include carrier eStamp/eSignature functionality; and,
  • will be online, which means you can access SinglePoint from any computer anytime‚Ķand no more having to run SoftSync for updates and bug fixes.

Have a question about what will be included in the new SinglePoint and when? Contact me at

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