Preferred Mutual Agency Codes will be automatically updated in WinRater/SinglePoint

By Boston Software on August 10th, 2017

Beginning Aug. 10, you will no longer need to manually change or update your Preferred Mutual Agency Codes. Instead, Preferred Mutual will provide a service within WinRater/SinglePoint that automatically updates the Agency Codes based upon agency and CSR credentials. The update service will run automatically every seven days.

Important notes:

  • You will need to run SoftSync to add the Preferred Mutual update service to your copy of WinRater/SinglePoint. You will get a SoftSync email tomorrow that includes this service.
  • The service is set to run every seven days. You do not need to do anything for the service to update your Agency Codes.
  • The first time the update service runs it will replace all the Agency Codes you had previously entered for Preferred Mutual.
  • If you have any questions concerning the codes, contact Bekki Berthel at (607) 847-1240.

This is great news because it will save you time and potential aggravation. Thanks to the Preferred Mutual team for helping to make this happen!

You can also choose to initiate an update manually within WinRater:

  • From the WinRater menu bar, select OPTIONS, then Agency Codes.
  • When the list of carriers is displayed, click on the + sign next to Preferred Mutual. This will display the codes available for Preferred. Click Update.

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