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WinRater Auto is able to electronically stamp and sign RMV-1, RMV-3, and 2A forms. In addition, WinRater allows you to create PDFs of these forms and email them to your customers.

eStamps are accepted by the RMV and can replace the traditional rubber ink stamps used in agencies. The eStamps are requested via email or phone and delivered via email.

Carriers offering eStamps:

Arbella Email
Commerce & Citation Email  •  (800) 286-1000
Concord Group/Green Mountain Email
Hanover Email  •  (508) 855-2854
Harleysville Email Yvette Dupuis
Merchants Insurance Group Email Valerie Senatore • (603) 622-9966 x8302
MetLife Email Tara Jaramillo  •  (401) 827-3462
NGM Email  •  (508) 855-2504
National General Email Kim Dunlap  •  (781) 332-8569
Norfolk & Dedham Email  •  (800) 688-1825, ext. 1198
Occidental Fire & Casualty Email Jolan Glover • (800) 233-1880, ext. 3114
Plymouth Rock Email Stacey Carnes 617-951-1630 or Paige Lull (617) 951-1075
Preferred Mutual Email Jeanne Harris (800) 333-7642 x1497 or Kim McInerney (800) 333-7642 x1496
Progressive Email Barbara Griffith  •  (440) 395-7205
Quincy Email Allison Litz
Safeco Email
Safety Email Tania Parrett  •  (800) 951-2100
Travelers Contact your Marketing Representative
Vermont Mutual Email Renee Bilodeau  •  (802) 229-8925

If you write with any of these carriers, please contact the person(s) noted above to get started. Only the carriers themselves can provide you with their specific eStamps. When you receive an eStamp, just import it into WinRater for storage and later use.

(If you do not see your carrier listed above, we suggest that you call your carrier rep and ask them to work with Boston Software in creating a carrier-specific stamp that you can use.)


Basic eStamp workflow
  1. While in a customer quote in WinRater, access the RMV-1, RMV-3 or 2A forms through FORMS on the Menu Bar.
  2. Click the blue eStamp box (anywhere except on the yellow line) on the Form and the Carrier Stamp window will display so you can select from the list of available carrier eStamps. Highlight a carrier eStamp and click “Apply to Form.” Notice that the Form now includes the eStamp with your agency name and carrier ID number for each licensed agent.
  3. If you’d like to change or remove an eStamp from a Form, just click on the blue eStamp box to open the Carrier Stamp window again. Then, simply select another carrier eStamp from the list or click the button labeled “No Stamp on Form.”
  4. After you’ve added the eStamp to your Form, click on the yellow line in the eStamp box and type your name. This is your digital signature and will be accepted by the RMV in place of a handwritten agent signature.
  5. Complete and verify all remaining information on the form. The RMV-1 and RMV-3 must be opened in Adobe to print (you’ll be prompted about this when you hit the print button).
  6. For RMV-1, the insured must take the completed Form to the nearest RMV center to register their vehicle or obtain a title. For RMV-3: The insured must take the completed RMV-3 Form to the nearest RMV center to make changes to name, tag, title or company.
  7. For 2A: The 2A form can be printed, emailed or converted into a PDF to send the notice of transfer to the prior producer of record or prior insurer.

Important Information

  • Importing eStamps: Your carrier rep can help you import your eStamp into WinRater. In most cases, the carrier marketing rep will email you the stamp and all you have to do is double-click on it to import. (If you run into issues, you can save the eStamp to your harddrive and then open up the RMV Form in WinRater. Click on the blue eStamp box on the Form and the Carrier Stamp window will appear. Select Stamp Management from the tool bar and then Add/Import Stamp. Browse to where the Stamp was saved on your hard drive and double click on it.)
  • Security is a very important consideration with the forms regardless of whether you use a physical stamp or the eStamp. Boston Software does NOT encrypt the PDF that is created. You are responsible for ensuring that whatever email client you use provides sufficient security whether you are creating the PDF and attaching it yourself, or using the built-in email function that sends through Microsoft Outlook.