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General quoting guidelines

General guidelines for all carriers

Vehicle Information: WinRater Vehicle Screen

Annual Mileage

It is important not to enter “rounded” numbers in this field. Some carriers require exact mileage to calculate the rate while others use different mileage levels for discounts other than the standard 5,000/7,500 levels. You can retrieve the mileage from the IMI screen in the Registry.


ISO provides a list of VIN Numbers; sometimes ISO does not have a VIN for a particular vehicle. In those cases, you have two choices:

  • select the prior model year, or;
  • Use WinRater’s “Edit” option and enter the year/make/model symbol manually.
  • It is important to select the correct VIN associated with the vehicle you are quoting if available. Real-Time Rated quotes must have a VIN. If the is VIN not available enter a default of VIN12345678.

Quoting new-to-insured (used) vehicles:

  • Enter year/make/model, then select the previous owner’s partial VIN (first 10 positions of the full VIN); or,
  • Enter the previous owner’s full VIN, then check “Rate with Annual Miles/City of Garaging entered.”


In the Vehicle tab, for vehicles garaged in MA, some carriers require the street number and name. (ex. 123 Main St) **It is important to remember that punctuation should not be used in this field for vehicles garaged in MA.

When the City of Garaging is “Out of State,” the Address field should contain the street number and name, city. (ex. 123 Main St, Portsmouth)

Principal Operator

If the quote lists multiple drivers, it is important to correctly indicate who drives the vehicles the most. Please note that WinRater will handle the actual driver assignment of the vehicle using these rules—highest rated operator to the highest rated vehicle, Inexperienced Operator rules, and Senior Operator rules—along with the information you provide in the Principal Operator field.

Additional Coverages

WinRater allows you to select additional auto coverages. Some, but not all, carriers offer these coverages. For non-participating carriers, the additional coverages will not be calculated in the premium, display on the Plan Summary, or print on the Worksheet.

You can always add coverages not available in WinRater in the carrier’s site. Note: Once you have done this, the quote will no longer match the original WinRater quote.

Review carrier manuals and your carrier’s agency website for detailed information about coverages, etc.

Driver Information: WinRater Driver Screen

Driver Detail

Be sure to enter accurate Priv Pass First Lic (date first licensed), SDIP Points, as well as if a driver is Deferred or Excluded from a vehicle . You must enter this information correctly in WinRater in order to properly assign drivers to vehicles.

Accidents and Violations

You should enter both “At Fault” as well as “Not At Fault Accidents” into WinRater, as some carriers look at both. See the “Rating Tips for Specific Carriers” section, below, to help determine what level of detail your carriers require.

Advanced Driver Training

If the driver has obtained Advanced Driver Training, it is important to select it in WinRater. Some carriers provide discounts.

Good Student

Some carriers offer Good Student Discounts. Be sure to check this box for additional credits if applicable.

Deferred Operator

This field is VERY important. It will affect how drivers are assigned to vehicles. Further, some carriers will change their rates based on a driver count. Even if a driver is deferred, you must enter that driver into WinRater and check this field. The driver will not be assigned to a vehicle, but the carrier will consider him or her for the overall rate. For best results, you should make sure that your quote matches the policy exactly.

Drivers originally licensed out of state or drivers that receive “RMV returned a different Date First Licensed than the value entered” message

On the Driver Information Screen, you must complete the following two fields to generate the correct Driver Class Code:

  • Priv Pass First Lic   Enter the date the driver was very first licensed in whatever State or Country he or she lived in.
  • Curr Lic Dt   Enter the date when the driver was licensed in MA. This date must be greater than the Priv Pass First Lic date.
Carrier Options Tab

Includes Forced Multi-car Discount (one-PPT-vehicle quote) and carrier options listed for each plan on your quotes.

Underwriting Tab

Years with Your Agency

How many years has the client been insured through your agency? Some Carriers provide a discount to insureds for being with the same agency for a number of years.

Prior or Renewing Carrier

If the prior or renewing carrier is listed, select it from the dropdown. If not, select “Other.” Some carriers provide discounts to insureds for renewing with them; other carriers offer discounts for renewing for a certain number of years.

To quote renewals with Arbella, Harleysville and Vermont Mutual Real-Time Rating, you must enter policy numbers.

Years with carrier

How many years has the client been insured with his/her current carrier?

Lapsed Days last 12 months

Have there been any lapses/gaps in policy coverage within the last 12 months? You must select a number of lapsed days from the dropdown menu (0 = no lapsed days). Some carriers apply a surcharge if the lapse is one day or greater.

Prior BI Limits

What are the client’s prior Part 5 Bodily Injury limits?

Note: Renewal Rating

If the quote is a Renewal, the carrier listed in the Prior Renewing Carrier field must be the carrier you are renewing with. All the other carriers listed on the plan will be rated as New Business.

Plan Summary

Review each vehicle, because some carriers will adjust the limits entered to their own values.

NOTE: Real-Time carriers can adjust limit values from entered value. Each carrier’s Plan Summary will display in blue any limits that were adjusted, and the Estimated Quotation Worksheet will print the adjusted value.

RTR Carrier Messages

Check RTR Carrier Messages for Details

All Real-Time rated carriers provide you with details on how the quote was rated – or allow you to view carrier system/login messages. Be sure to always check the right side of the Plan Summary screen for each carrier to access this information. To open the Plan Summary screen, click the magnifying glass next to the desired carrier’s quote.

Motorcycle Policies

Many motorcycle discrepancies come from not selecting the “guest coverage.” Be sure to verify if the policy has guest coverage.

Enter the Motorcycle Date Licensed on the Driver Tab.

If driver has Motorcycle Training, select it on the Driver Coverages/Motorcycle tab.

Regardless of MC License Date entered or Principal Op selected, most carriers will assign the highest rated driver to the MC. For drivers who are listed on the quote but who never will operate the motorcycle, exclude them via the Driver tab.

You must enter data into the Vehicle tab’s Model/VIN fields. Default for Model field can be MC; Default for VIN can be VIN1234567.

VinMasterFile changes for model year 2011 and newer

All 2011 vehicles or newer will have unique symbols for Collision and Comprehensive coverages instead of one symbol for both physical damage coverages. To read more about how this will affect rating with your carrier, click here.

MAIP Vehicle Rating Groups (VRGs)

Effective with the 4/1/2011 MAIP rate change, MAIP implemented AIB’s new rating methodology for Collision and Comprehensive Coverages. Model years 1985 and newer now use VRGs. To learn more about VRGs, click here.