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Nation Safe Drivers – integrated vendor

This solution allows agents who offer Nation Safe Drivers Roadside Plans to quote and submit business to NSD via WinRater/SinglePoint at the same time they are quoting an auto policy.

Using the Nation Safe Drivers feature

If your agency is already set up with Nation Safe Drivers to offer their coverage to your prospects and insureds, all you need to do to start quoting is click the “Roadside Assist” button at the bottom of the WinRater Auto rating screen.

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Clicking this button will bring up a Nation Safe Drivers Setup screen prompting participating agents to enter their Agent Number/ID, then click the Done button.

For those agents interested in offering this, follow the link.

You only need to enter the NSD Agent Number/ID once per desktop; the next time you click the Roadside Assist button on the Auto Rating screen, this Setup screen will automatically display your Number, and all you need to do is click Done.

SinglePoint will pop up a window listing all the private passenger vehicles from your WinRater Auto quote. Check the box next to each vehicle to be covered under the Roadside Plan, then select the desired Roadside Plan from the dropdown.

SinglePoint will instantly display the premium for the plan based upon your selections.

If you are satisfied with this quote, click the Send button to submit the information to NSD. This action will take you to NSD’s site, where you can print or manage the prefilled application and purchase the coverage.