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WinRater/SinglePoint RMV integration

Instantly retrieve validated data during the Auto quoting process

Your WinRater/SinglePoint is now integrated with the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles. This means you now can instantly retrieve validated RMV data as you’re running a WinRater Auto quote. With the click of a button, the data automatically will flood into the appropriate WinRater fields that you previously had to enter manually.

What you need to know
  • It’s part of your WinRater/SinglePoint license. There is no additional charge for your agency to use the Registry connection.
  • What’s included. WinRater collects a substantial number of the fields from the RMV screens listed below and extracts the data required for rating.
  • Driver screens: LI, UMI9, UMO, UPH
    Vehicle screen: URI and IMI
  • It’s optional. You don’t have to retrieve the RMV data if you don’t want to. When you go to the Quick Start > Auto menu, you will see two choices: to quote in the traditional way or with the Registry lookup. You always can manually override the information in any field. But we are very confident that once you begin using this feature you won’t stop using it.
  • Agencies using a VPN connection may no longer require it, depending on their needs. WinRater collects RMV data that is pertinent to generating a quote. If your agency needs access to additional RMV screens or needs to interact with RMV screens, you should continue to use the VPN.
  • Private information is protected. The RMV retrieval will go through SinglePoint, our data-exchange system that is fully secured. Agents and CSRs will be allowed access to the RMV data using their SinglePoint userID and Password. Activity by these agents and CSRs will be tracked via their SinglePoint userID.
  • Getting started is easy. All you need to get started are a computer that operates WinRater/SinglePoint and your own valid, current SinglePoint UserID and Password.
  • Note:
    • For security reasons, you’ll need to enter your SinglePoint Password each time you run a quote using the RMV integration.
    • Each user must have SinglePoint Credentials. Abuse of this policy may result in the connection being removed from the entire agency.