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Tips and troubleshooting

General tips

Set yourself up for rating success with these easy-to-implement tips for improving your accuracy and workflow.

Be sure to enter accurate information

Garbage in, garbage out! If you enter invalid information or neglect to enter specific information, no rating system can generate an accurate quote. Review each tab in WinRater to verify the data is fully and correctly entered, then let WinRater do the rest.

Integrate your Agency Management System with WinRater

Stop entering data twice and eliminate errors by connecting your management system and WinRater. Our integration “bridges” seamlessly transfer insured files/policies back and forth between the two systems. WinRater integrates with agency management systems such as AMS360, AfW, APPLIED, SIS, Special Agent, etc. Learn more here.

Customize your workflow

Each CSR can customize WinRater to look and function the way he or she prefers by going to the WinRater Quick Start menu, clicking USER and then selecting the options that best fit his or her workflow.

Enter/download your agency codes

Some Auto and Home carriers require Agency Codes in order to rate the business. Agency Codes may also be used to apply appropriate Group Discounts to quotes when Real-Time Rating. You must enter or download these so you have access to them in your WinRater. Remember to update your agency code lists whenever carriers assign you additional codes or change existing ones. To add/edit your Agency Codes:

  • Go to WinRater’s POLICY OPTIONS tab and select AGENCY CODES; or
  • Go to the WinRater Quick Start menu and click OPTIONS.
Set defaults for your most commonly quoted coverages/limits

Start each quote with the coverages and limits that you quote most often for your “typical” risks. Make your changes by going to OPTIONS on the main WinRater menu bar, then choosing AGENCY PROFILE.

Keep your carrier credentials up to date

In SinglePoint Settings, remember to keep your carrier credentials (User IDs and Passwords) up to date. If you update your password for such carriers as Arbella, Hanover, Norfolk & Dedham, Plymouth Rock etc., you will need to enter these new credentials into SinglePoint Settings. Click on SinglePoint Settings on WinRater’s Quick Start menu and update the appropriate carrier credentials fields.

Check the Quote Effective Date

Always double-check your Quote Effective Date. When you begin a new quote in WinRater it defaults to today’s date as the effective date of the policy. Be aware of this because carrier Web rating systems can quote rates from their previous filings sometimes as far back as two years. Also, some carriers may generate different premiums based on the number of days you are quoting in advance of the effective date.

Real-Time submit whenever possible

Eliminate data-entry errors by submitting directly to a carrier from WinRater/SinglePoint. After getting a quote in WinRater, submit the new business to your carrier via SinglePoint. 100% of the quote data instantly transfers. You don’t have to re-key it! Your carrier will re-rate/validate the risk with the correct data thus reducing errors.

Print or email forms right in WinRater

Did you know WinRater can display and print pre-filled forms that your agency needs to sell and service your book of business? These forms include New Business Applications, Binders some Auto Registry forms, and more. You can save these forms as PDFs and email them to your insureds. To access these forms, go to the menu bar and click FORMS or go to your WinRater Rating Detail Screen and click ACTIONS. You’ll streamline your workflow and you’ll look more professional in front of your insured.

SoftSync at least once a week

We often post smaller (not critical) changes and fixes for WinRater without email notification. Therefore, we suggest you SoftSync at least once a week so that you don’t miss anything.

  • Go to HELP menu in WinRater and choose CHECK FOR ONLINE UPDATES

Of course, we will continue to notify you via email of available SoftSync updates for the latest rate changes and critical updates (please run these immediately).

Auto tips

Here are some time-saving and accuracy tips specific to Auto rating in WinRater/SinglePoint. Use them in good health.

Check RMV data – the #1 cause of quote discrepancies

Yes, WinRater will provide a quote even if you enter partial RMV information (such as a partial VIN number or only the SDIP points). You should know, though, that carriers use RMV data to create their own risk profiles and tiers, which of course affect premiums.

Most Real-Time Rated carriers validate the RMV data you enter in WinRater. For Real-Time carriers who do not do so, and for all manufactured carriers, the information you entered in WinRater will be used to generate the quote. If the RMV data you enter in WinRater is not complete or is invalid (especially for SDIP values, Date First Licensed, Annual Miles, Accidents/Violations and VIN), then you can expect a different premium when the carrier issues the policy. Pay very close attention to these data fields.

For more detailed information on specific WinRater Auto screens, check out the WinRaterAuto Quoting Guidelines page, or contact us directly if you need more clarification.

Integrate with the RMV to gather and verify all data

Agents who license the RMV’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) can instantly retrieve RMV data at the start of a quote. More than 60 required rating fields will instantly pre-fill WinRater screens with valid/verified RMV data, including annual mileage, SDIP, and complete driver record/history. For more information on integrating your WinRater with the VPN, click here.

Review our carrier-specific auto quoting guidelines

Understanding exactly how WinRater handles specific coverages, credits and endorsement for each of your Auto carriers is the best way to generate accurate quotes. The WinRater Auto Quoting Guidelines page on this website features an easy-to-read summary of these rating items for each MA Auto carrier.

Always check the Real-Time Rated Carrier messages
Make sure you click the magnifying glass to the left of each premium listed to open the Plan Summary screen, which contains messages that come directly from your carriers. You must review these messages closely, as they can clarify:

  • Why certain credits/surcharges are not being applied
  • Why risks are ineligible
  • Communication failures
  • Changes to driver information based on the carrier’s RMV call

During the quote process you will see the word “Review” next to the carrier name. Click on the link and it will take you to the area in WinRater that requires attention. Also, pay attention to any hints and warnings found at the bottom of the Premium Panel.

Save time using eStamps

A few years ago, we introduced eStamps and eSignatures to WinRater. We’re now up to nearly 20 carriers (Commerce, Travelers, Safety, etc.) that provide their stamps electronically. Electronically stamp your RMV-1, RMV-3, and 2A Forms and do away with the old rubber ink stamp. You can save the forms digitally and, if you choose, email them directly to your insured. Click here to request an eStamp from any or all of your carriers. Once you’ve received the eStamps, simply open an RMV-1, RMV-3, or 2A, scroll down until you see the blue box, click on it and apply the carrier eStamp to the Form, type your name in the box and you’re done.


We’re here to help – but before you reach for the phone, we encourage you to check the following first:

Five things to do if you get a WinRater error or discrepancy

1. Check your SinglePoint and/or carrier credentials

If any of your credentials have been entered incorrectly, or have expired, this could be causing authentication errors. To edit or update either of these credentials, go to the WinRater menu bar and select one of the following:

2. Make sure you’re quoting either New Business or a Renewal

These are the two types of business WinRater/SinglePoint can quote. Any adjustments/endorsements must be done directly at the Carrier’s site. If you try to quote these in WinRater, you will not receive a correct rate.

3. Check your Quote Effective Date

The wrong date can trigger an error message from carriers, and may affect whether some carrier-specific discounts are applied. To check or modify the date, open the Client tab, click the Quote button, change the date if necessary, then re-rate.

4. Check how/where you submitted your quote

Make sure you submitted your quote directly to the Carrier from WinRater through the “Submit” button on the Plan Summary Screen, and didn’t rekey it at the Carrier’s site.

  • Don’t worry – by clicking Submit you are NOT issuing the policy! You’re just seamlessly transferring all the data you diligently entered into WinRater right to the carrier’s site.
  • Submitting makes sense – it’s the only way to ensure an “apples to apples” relationship between the WinRater quote and the carrier quote/dec page. It also saves you rekeying time and possible errors.

5. Send quote to Boston Software using the Send to BSC button

If you checked all of the above and are still having a problem, it’s time to send us the quote. You should do this by clicking the Send to BSC button at the bottom of the Plan Summary Screen (see screen shot below).