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Boston Software provides comparative Homeowner premium quotes via two processes:

Manufactured  WinRater calculates the rate based on rating manual and rating logic we receive from the carrier.

Real-Time  Our SinglePoint Real-Time technology sends each client’s risk information from WinRater to the carrier’s rating engine, which calculates the rate. SinglePoint sends the rate back to WinRater.

For both Manufactured and Real-Time rates, the rate will display in your WinRater premium panel.

MA Homeowners quote-to-issue workflow overview

Get comparative quotes for all your Home carriers—then submit the business to the carrier of your choice with just a few clicks.

    1. Getting Started.  Open WinRater and select the Home icon to begin quoting. Enter the basic dwelling information, select the desired carriers from your list, and click OK.
    2. Enter the coverages, limits, and risk information.  The WinRater Home rating detail screen is organized into three sections to optimize the comparative rating workflow. Enter the coverage limits and review each tab to apply all desired credits and other important risk information related to the insured. WinRater now has all the data necessary for rating.

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  1. Let WinRater/SinglePoint calculate the premiums.  Once you have completed entering the risk info, you will see the premiums for each “manufactured” carrier appearing in the Premiums Panel on the right. Carriers plugged into SinglePoint for Real-Time Rating will display “Quote Now” next to their names. Click on QUOTE NOW to retrieve the premium for that particular carrier or press the RATE ALL button at the bottom of the screen to retrieve premiums for all Real-Time Rating enabled carriers simultaneously. While SinglePoint is retrieving Real-Time rates, the RATE ALL button will change to STOP ALL. Press STOP ALL to discontinue all quote retrievals in progress.
  2. Make changes.  If you decide to make any changes to the risk info or coverages, WinRater will instantly re-calculate the premiums for your “manufactured” carriers. For your Real-Time rated carriers, click the RE-RATE button next to the carrier name or press the RATE ALL button at the bottom of the screen. SinglePoint will retrieve the new quote(s) from your carrier(s).
  3. Review premiums, decide where to place business, and submit via SinglePoint.  With all the premiums laid out in front of you, the decision of where to place the business is greatly simplified. Decide on a carrier, highlight it in the list, and, if the carrier is SinglePoint Real-Time Submission enabled, you can upload the new business to the carrier’s web system by clicking the Submit button. (All Real-Time Rating plus some manufactured rating carriers are Real-Time Submission enabled.) Literally 100% of the new business application will pre-fill on the carrier web system—and you can proceed right to the verify and issuance phase on your carrier web site.