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Credit scoring

Some Homeowners carriers use insurance or credit scoring to determine eligibility for plan placement. In most cases, credit scores are run through LexisNexis /ChoicePoint. The credit score retrieval process can be fully integrated within your WinRater.

During the quoting process you only need to enter basic risk information and select the carrier(s); WinRater will automatically initiate the credit score retrievals for each carrier, display specific messages/eligibilities for each carrier, and provide access to the credit report.

  • Integrating your WinRater with the credit retrieval utility is part of our recommended quote-to-issue workflow.
  • The integrated retrieval process is fully secure and follows all Private Information protocols, including the Federal Credit Reporting Act.
  • There is no additional cost or fees to your agency.

To integrate credit report retrievals within WinRater:

  • Contact your carrier marketing rep(s) and request this functionality;
  • Each carrier handles this a little differently, but you must complete some paperwork; your carrier, LexisNexis and Boston Software will set up the permissions on your behalf. This may take a couple of weeks.
  • In most cases, each CSR using this integrated service must install two Digital Certificates on each workstation.
Installing the Digital Certificates
    1. Click on the UTILITY tab at the top of the WinRater screen and select Import ChoicePoint Secure Connection Digital Certificates. You will see the screen below. Click Import Certificate.
ChoicePoint Report Lookup
    1. The Certificate Information screen will open. Click Install Certificate.
Install Certificate
    1. Choose Next from the Import Wizard to begin the import.
Certificate Import Wizard
    1. Leave the default settings alone to allow Windows to automatically install the certificate to the correct store. Click Next.
Certificate Import Wizard 2
    1. The certificate import process is complete! Click the Finish button and you’re done.
Certificate Import Wizard Complete
Retrieving credit scores while quoting Homeowners in WinRater
    1. While quoting a Home risk in WinRater, click the Credit Reports tab to initiate the credit report retrieval process. A list of your credit lookup enabled carriers will appear. Select the desired carrier(s) by checking the appropriate boxes. Click Retrieve to start the retrieval.

Click image to enlarge

    1. The credit lookup dialog box will pop up. The correct house number, street name, and unit number are required. You should also enter the insured’s Social Security number. While this is not required, we recommend you do so to retrieve more accurate information. (WinRater does not save the SS# or any private information on your computer.)
    1. The FCRA disclosure will display. Click Yes to indicate that you understand and accept the terms.
    2. The Credit Utility Login screen will appear. Enter your Credit Lookup User ID and Password (the same as your ChoicePoint /Credit Lookup Program User ID and Password) and click OK. WinRater will begin to process the reports.
    3. When the credit report retrievals are complete, click the hyperlinks under each carrier to view and/print the individual reports.

Additional Notes:

  • Security alerts such as ID Theft, Security Freeze, and Consumer Statements appear in red at the top of the reports.
  • If something in the credit report makes the risk ineligible, WinRater will change the premium to N/A in the Premium Panel. Double click on the N/A to display the reason for the ineligibility.
  • Keep in mind, WinRater will only apply credit score information to plans for which you ordered a credit report. For example, if you are quoting seven carrier plans in WinRater but only run a credit report retrieval for Company 1, WinRater would only update the Company 1 plan with the rating or eligibility information.
  • WinRater will never automatically run or re-run a credit report. You must always choose to run a report. WinRater will implement a repeated ordering safeguard; if someone ordered a report via WinRater within a 15-day window, you will receive a message alerting you of this.
Participating carriers
  • Andover Companies
  • Arbella
  • General Casualty
  • Hanover
  • Norfolk & Dedham
  • Safety
  • Tower Group