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General quoting guidelines

General guidelines for all Homeowners carriers

Real-Time Rating

If you’re new to Real-Time Rating, remember that you will need to have a SinglePoint account in order to Real-Time rate. For further help, see your agency’s SinglePoint Account Manager or call Boston Software.

Note: At this time, Home Real-Time Rating is available for new business only (not renewals).

Dwelling tab

Remember to enter a valid Dwelling Address in the Dwelling Tab, as this is vital to rating for certain carriers. WinRater also will populate the Dwelling Address you enter into the Client Screen’s Address field. Also, please pay close attention to the Square Footage, Number of Stories, Subsystem, Pool, and Number of Mortgagees.

Underwriting tab

Please pay close attention to the “No Losses” or “Loss Free Yrs” fields. Or, if there are losses, please enter Loss Details for the applicable years.

RTR Carrier messages

Check RTR Carrier Messages for Details All Real-Time rated carriers provide you with details on how the quote was rated – or allow you to view carrier system/login messages. Be sure to always check the right side of the Plan Summary screen for each carrier to access this information. To open the Plan Summary screen, click the magnifying glass next to the desired carrier’s quote.