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Setting up SinglePoint Leads

Want to turn your website into a dynamic marketing tool? To offer online shoppers Real-Time quotes right on your site, just have your agency’s designated SinglePoint Account Manager* follow these four steps:

1. Request the SinglePoint Leads feature from Boston Software

Click here to fill out an order form online; or,

Call us at (781) 449-8585 and let us know you want to add SinglePoint Leads to your website and/or Facebook page. We’ll activate the SinglePoint Leads feature for your agency right away.

2. Build Leads form and embed into website or Facebook page

First, go into SinglePoint Settings > Leads > General Leads Settings. The Build Your Forms section is on the right side of the screen.

In that section, go to the Form Type dropdown and select the option that describes the desired line of business (Auto or Homeowners) and destination (website or Facebook) for the Leads form you want to build.

(Example: If you want to create an Auto quote form to go on your agency website, select the option WEBSITE Embed Code for Auto Form.)

(Optional) Label the incoming Leads generated by this form

Now you can assign your own descriptive label or labels to all the leads generated by this form. (This is especially helpful if you plan to create multiple versions of a form.)

For instance, say your agency has two separate websites and wants to put an Auto Leads form on each one. Now you can label the incoming leads from one form as “WebsiteA” and those from the other as “WebsiteB.”

If you do this, all the leads from Website A will appear in your SinglePoint Quote inbox with the label “WebsiteA.” Those from Website B will appear with the label “Website B.”

To add labels to incoming Leads (you do this right now, as you’re building the form):

  • Click the Add Labels button.
  • Type whatever name you want in the label field, with no spaces within the name (for example, WebsiteA).
  • You can assign as many labels as you like to leads from the same form. For example, you may want to label one form’s leads as “WebsiteA” and “bluebackground” and “useforonemonth.”
  • When those leads appear in your Quote Inbox, all the labels you assigned will be displayed.
  • To assign additional labels to leads from the same form, use the space bar on your keyboard.
  • If, while you are creating labels, you wish to remove a label, click the X in the label’s bubble.
  • Note: Once a form is embedded into your website or Facebook page, you cannot add or change labels for those incoming Leads. You will need to build a new form (assigning the labels you desire for the incoming leads) to replace the old form.

Click the orange Generate HTML button. A long code will appear in the white box directly beneath the “Generate HTML” button.

Determine where you want the Quote utility to appear on your agency’s website, then copy and paste the code into your agency website’s code in the appropriate place.

Note: If you are not the person who will insert the code into your agency’s website, you can copy and paste the code into an email and forward to the appropriate person.

3. Enable and customize your SinglePoint Leads

Make SinglePoint Leads your own by customizing the contact information, choosing the color scheme, creating the messages you want to display, selecting which carriers’ rates to display to the consumer, auto coverage options, and more. Just follow the steps below.

Go into SinglePoint Settings and click the Leads button; this will bring up the SinglePoint Leads section of SinglePoint Settings.

Here you will see three buttons:

Click on “General Leads Settings” and fill out the fields as described below

Edit general Leads settings
  • Phone:  Enter the phone number consumers can call with questions or concerns.
  • Email:  Enter the email address(es) of agency employees who will be notified whenever a customer has requested a new quote. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma or semi-colon.
  • Return URL:  Enter the website address that will appear on all communications with the consumer.
  • *Enable Real-Time Quotes:  By checking or unchecking this box, you can turn Real-Time Quoting capability on or off whenever you desire. When turned off, Leads will only gather the consumer information so you can generate a quote and call the consumer back.
  • *Agency Rating User:  Enter the name of the person in the agency whose SinglePoint account you will use for Real-Time Rating on your website.
  • Disable Contact Me button:  After they have viewed their estimated premiums, consumers will have the option of clicking a button to request that the agency contact them. You can disable this option by clicking here.
  • *IMPORTANT! In order for Real-Time Rating to work, you must check the “Enable Real-Time Quotes” box and enter the name of the person whose SinglePoint account you will use for Real-Time Rating on your website.

Click on Carrier Settings button, then select Auto or Homeowners

Edit Auto or Homeowners Carrier Settings

Here you can:

  • Enable or disable each carrier for website quoting;
  • Enter any Agent Code or Group Code required by the carrier;
  • Choose to display the carrier logo on the quote summary page next to the premium. This is only applicable when a carrier provides Boston Software with a logo.
  • Create a custom message about each carrier that will appear on the quote summary page.

Note: The example screenshot below is from the Auto Carrier Settings page. The Home Carrier Settings page works the same way.

  • Click Coverage Limits to select desired limits.
  • Click Policy Discounts to enable discounts including Account Credit, Payment Method (Paid-in-full or EFT), or Motor Club Affiliation. In the “Description” field for each type of discount, enter the description you would like the consumer to see.

Click Auto Policy Options (Auto only)

  1. Click Coverage Limits to select desired limits.
  2. Click Policy Discounts to enable discounts including Account Credit, Payment Method (Paid-in-full or EFT), or Motor Club Affiliation. In the “Description” field for each type of discount, enter the description you would like the consumer to see.
4. Run a Workstation Setup

To successfully transmit the Leads quotes in your SinglePoint Quote inbox to WinRater, you must create a proper file association between WinRater and SinglePoint. You must create this association on EACH computer that uses Leads.

(Note: You do NOT need to create the association when opening quotes via the WinRater Quick Start Menu’s Incoming Leads panel.)

Here are the instructions on how to run the Work Station Set Up:

  • Open WinRater;
  • click Utility at the top in the WinRater menu bar;
  • select Run Workstation Setup;
  • if asked, uncheck “Protect my computer” and click OK;
  • follow the prompts.

You’re all set! Now visitors to your website can fill out the Quote form; you will receive an email notification of each quote generated, and you can instantly push the prospect’s risk information into your WinRater to requote the business, if desired.

If you have questions or issues with any of the steps above, just call us at (781) 449-8585 and we’ll be happy to help!

For help adding SinglePoint Leads to your Facebook page, please call us at (781) 449-8585 or email Michele at

*Make sure your agency has a designated SinglePoint Account Manager, because only he or she can generate the required HTML code and customize your SinglePoint Leads Quote utility. If your agency does not have a SinglePoint Account Manager, please call us at (781) 449-8585 to designate one.