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How to use SinglePoint Leads

When your website visitors want to obtain a quote from you, SinglePoint Leads collects their information and sends it to each carrier’s rating engine, then returns the quote to the prospects.

Here’s how it works:

Prospect generates a quote

Once SinglePoint Leads is all set up on your website and in your WinRater/SinglePoint, a consumer can generate a quote by completing three easy screens (driver info, vehicle info, coverages and limits) on your website. All essential information on the screens is mandatory, so WinRater/SinglePoint will always have what it needs to work up a quote.

You receive a quote notification

SinglePoint Leads sends you an email saying that a consumer has created a quote. You’ll also see quote notifications in WinRater’s Quick Start menu and in SinglePoint’s quote inbox.

  • VIA EMAIL: From the notification email, you can access the quote and the consumer’s risk information directly by clicking on the link to SinglePoint and login. Select the quote you want, click the Rate button, and the data transfers from SinglePoint Leads to your WinRater.
  • WINRATER QUICK START MENU: From the new WinRater Quick Start menu you can simply click on the quote/incoming lead you want to work with.

You review the quote and risk data

You now can view the quote the consumer has generated, along with the risk data entered. If you wish, you can use the entered risk data to re-quote the business, adding or deleting carriers and making any other desired adjustments.

Example: Auto

If you’ve chosen to activate the Discounts portion of the online Auto Quote form, please note that the premium the consumer will see automatically will have the discounts applied. However, you must manually add these discounts once you import the quote into your WinRater in order to match the consumer’s premium:

  • Review the Discounts tab of the Leads Summary of the Auto quote.

  • Apply appropriate discounts in the Carrier Options tab of WinRater.

You make the sale!

Quote in hand, you call or email your prospect, review the coverages and make the sale.