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SinglePoint quote presentation

WinRater can now instantly create and send a color HTML Auto or Home quote to your clients.

This professional presentation includes your agency logo and custom message (if desired), carier logos, and individual quote details. Also, the feature allows consumers to respond, either accepting a quote or asking questions.

The quote display automatically will size itself to whatever device your client is viewing (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.).

How to use this feature
To always include your agency logo/customized message (optional):

You only need to do this once: If you would like your agency logo and/or a customized message to appear in every Quote Presentation, ask your agency’s SinglePoint Account Manager to go to SinglePoint Settings and select the Quote Presentation box (see below).

In the resulting box (below), the SinglePoint Account Manager will be able to upload your agency logo and/or type in an Agency Message. Click Save Changes when finished.

To create and send a Quote Presentation:
  1. From the Plan Summary screen, click the magnifying glass icon to the left of any ONE of the carriers whose quote you would like to include in the presentation.
  2. Click image to enlarge

  3. From the resulting Plan Summary screen (see example below), click the Send to Clientbutton … then, from the dropdown menu, select Create Quote Presentation (new).
  4. Click image to enlarge

  5. In the next screen, elect the additional carriers whose rates you want to include in the presentation (Note: Only the carriers you have quoted will be available for selection.)You may also edit the Client Information, if desired. Click Next when ready to proceed.
  6. In the following screen, use the arrows at right to sort the quotes into the order in which you want them to appear in the presentation. You also may add an optional note for the customer.
See a sample presentation

Below is an example of the quote presentation that either you or your prospect will see when clicking the appropriate link.

You may view the details of each carrier’s quote by clicking Show Details.

Click image to enlarge

For example, here are quote details for Providence Mutual. To get back to the main Quote Presentation screen, click Hide Details.

Click image to enlarge

Your customer has the ability to respond to you (see red arrows above), either accepting the quote or to ask more questions, using the one of the options above. You will receive this response via email.