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Drag/drop quote data into other programs

Need to put information from Auto/Home quote fields into any editable field in a browser window (think documents on carrier websites, etc.), or into an email, Word doc, Excel or other program? A new WinRater feature lets you do this easily, without annoying retyping (think VIN …) or copying and pasting!


  1. You must be in a WinRater Auto or Home quote to begin.
  2. From the Quote Actions menu, select Open Drag/Drop Quote Data from the dropdown.
  3. Click image to enlarge

  4. Next you will see all the quote information fields in a “tree structure” running down the left side of the page (see screenshot below)
  5. Click image to enlarge

  6. From here, you can drag the data from each individual field (name, address, Auto VIN, etc.) into another program or editable field. Just drag and drop the name of the field across to the program where you want the data to go.

    (In the example above, we are dragging the VIN from Auto quote fields into a proposal letter generated in the Presentation Center . That’s all there is to it!

Note: Some Windows programs and certain controls don’t allow users to Drop data into them. It’s a safe bet that text boxes or documents (i.e. Word) will work great, while controls that have lists won’t work.

Also, this is a “stay-on-top” program so it will hover over other windows. This can take some getting used to, but you can use the buttons on the title bar to show/hide/move the program if you need to.