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SinglePoint Share Quote

Our new SinglePoint Share feature lets you easily and securely share Auto or Home quotes with any other WinRater user, anywhere—even those in other agencies—with no rekeying.

Once you have set up SinglePoint Share on each computer that will be using it, all you have to do is simply press a “Share” button on your WinRater premium panel and select the destination (i.e. a CSR or another agency). SinglePoint securely delivers the quote file to its destination.

And the CSR or agency that receives the Shared quote only needs to click a link and all the information transfers right into their own WinRater.

How to set up SinglePoint Share

SinglePoint Share is part of your WinRater/SinglePoint license and is very easy to set up and access.

Your agency only needs to be running the latest version of WinRater; perform a SoftSync update to be sure.

Each CSR or computer in your agency must perform a WorkStation Setup, which only takes a few seconds. (This is required so that your WinRater and SinglePoint have the proper file association.) To do so:

  1. Open WinRater;
  2. click Utility at the top in the WinRater menu bar;
  3. select Run Workstation Setup;
  4. if asked, uncheck “Protect my computer” and click OK;
  5. follow the prompts.

Important: SinglePoint Share is set up so that the SinglePoint Account Manager and/or the designated Leads email recipient in your agency automatically gets a copy of a Shared Quote notification. However, the person sharing a Quote also can choose to add any specific email address.

How to Share a Quote
  1. After you’ve entered all the Auto or Homeowners risk information in WinRater, click on the new SHARE button in the Premium panel (right next to RATE ALL and SUBMIT buttons).
  2. The Share pop up box will appear. Enter the Agency you want to share with by either:
    • clicking on the down arrow in the drop list, or
    • clicking the FIND MORE button.
  3. When you click the FIND MORE button, a new pop-up will appear. Enter a keyword—for example, Agency name, town, etc.—and click Search. The agencies that match this keyword will appear in the list.
  4. Click on an Agency name to view the Address and phone details. If this is the Agency you wish to share with, just click the ADD button.
  5. You will return to the Share Quote screen with this agency now set as the destination. NOTE: now this agency always will be available in the dropdown list for future use.
  6. In the Message field, type a message you wish to include with the Shared Quote.
  7. Enter any specific email addresses of people within that agency with whom you want to share the quote. NOTE: if you do not add any specific email(s), the quote will be shared with the destination agency’s designated Leads email recipient (or SinglePoint Account Manager/s if they do not have a designated Leads email recipient.)
  8. Click SEND.
How to receive a Shared Quote
  • If another agency or CSR shares a quote with you or your agency, you will receive a notification email. The shared quote also will appear in the SinglePoint incoming Leads panel of the WinRater Quick Start Menu.
  • To access the shared quote from within the notification email, just click the embedded link. This will launch SinglePoint and take you to the Quote Inbox.
  • Select the shared quote in the Quote Inbox and click the RATE button to instantly download all the quote information into your WinRater.
  • As the quote data enters WinRater, a pop up box will inform you that this is a shared quote and will display:
    • the name of the original agency;
    • any message that was included.
  • To access the shared quote from the SinglePoint Incoming Leads panel (part of the WinRater Quick Start Menu), just double click on the insured’s name.