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Special Delivery of Quotes with SinglePoint Share

Our new SinglePoint Share feature lets you easily and securely share quotes with any other WinRater user, anywhere – even those in other agencies – with no rekeying.

How? SinglePoint Share connects the entire community of users – 1,500+ Massachusetts agencies and 60+ carriers, allowing seamless quote-sharing on an unprecedented level.

Much better than emailing a quote

All you have to do is simply press a "Share" button on your WinRater premium panel and select the destination (i.e. a CSR or another agency). SinglePoint lovingly bundles up all the risk information and securely delivers it to its destination, like the stork dropping off its precious cargo.

But here's the great thing: the CSR or agency that receives the Shared quote only needs to click a link to view the quote in their own WinRater. All the risk info is instantly there—no mess, no fuss, no-rekeying at all!

See how SinglePoint Share works in this slide show

Why would one WinRater want to send a quote to another WinRater? The reasons are endless.

Here are some examples:

  • A CSR in a branch location needs to send a copy of a quote to the Home office (for review or underwriting purposes);
  • One agency brokers business with another agency and thus often needs to share quote info
  • A producer uses WinRater on her laptop when she goes on the road and quotes new business — she can instantly send it to the office staff to begin the issuance phase
  • An agency can send a quote to carrier for underwriting or eligibility review
  • Your agency can send a quote directly to Boston Software for technical support

The more we talk to agents, the more potential uses we hear for SinglePoint Share. Really, it's only limited by your imagination.

Leveraging the MA community of agents and carriers

SinglePoint Share unites our insurance community. More importantly, it helps agents better sell and service their book of business. Think "We are the World," without the music.