‘Will I have to learn a completely new quoting system?’

By Charlie Walsh on May 30th, 2017

Easing your concerns about transitioning to SinglePoint

Change – especially when it involves something we use or do on a daily basis – can be a little scary.  So, as we move toward migrating WinRater to SinglePoint online, we thought it would be a good idea to provide as much information as possible to dispel potential anxiety.

One of the most obvious concerns agents have is, “Am I going to have to learn a whole new way to quote?”

The short answer: no. There will be some minor differences in the new workflow, but fundamentally, SinglePoint will behave a lot like WinRater.  For example, here’s the basic Automobile workflow:

  • Click the New Auto Quote button.
  • Use the RMV Retrieval feature or enter the driver and vehicle information manually.
  • Select coverages
  • Review carrier Options and Underwriting items.
  • Rate all your carriers.
  • Review the Plan Summary for your carriers.
  • Print, email, submit to carrier website, save.

Look familiar?  It should – we took the same basic workflow from WinRater and streamlined it in SinglePoint.  Think of it like the improvements that have been made to automobiles over the years: transmission is now automatic instead of standard, but you still sit down and drive. It’s just easier.

We’re confident that the online workflow will quickly become natural to you and your staff.  After all, we’ve been a leader in comparative rating for over 20 years: we know something about designing the optimal workflow. SinglePoint takes the solid, proven features you’ve come to rely on in WinRater and brings them alive online.

The other good thing to know is that we will support both WinRater and SinglePoint for a while.  The two products will overlap.  That is, you can choose to quote with WinRater, even though you can use SinglePoint, too.  This way you can ease your way into SinglePoint and let your staff play around with it.

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