WinRater Auto’s best timesaver: RMV lookup

By Charlie Walsh on June 30th, 2017

Yet some agents still don’t use this powerful functionality

The vast majority of agents know and love the RMV Lookup feature in WinRater Auto. It allows agents to seamlessly retrieve driver, vehicle, and policy information at the start of an Auto quote in WinRater, and push all this data into the appropriate fields. This saves agents from keying in over 100 data fields – a huge efficiency.

Yet not all agencies utilize this feature. We track the RMV activity and about 200-250 agencies are missing out on the best way to save time and get the most accurate Auto quotes.

Agents who actively use the RMV Lookup feature say:

  • “Going to ALARS screens or a carrier website is a multi-step process. You have to go into the UMO, UMI 9 and IMI screens separately and then enter it in WinRater. But the WinRater RMV Lookup does it all for you.”
  • “Everyone here at our agency loves it. You put in 4 fields of information and then WinRater goes out to the RMV and builds the whole quote for you.”
  • “I like that it calculates the annual mileage for us. The carriers accept this, which makes our job a lot easier.”
  • “The great thing is that you know the information is valid cause it comes right from the RMV. That means the real-time rates you get from the carriers will be more accurate.”

We strongly suggest using this feature!


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  1. Jose S. Cardoso says:

    Setup My pc

  2. Jose Cardoso says:

    We need to Setup RMV lookup.

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