Real-Time Rating Software for Insurance Carriers, Agents, and Consumers

Sell More Policies.
Help More People.

Helping customers find the right coverage creates good karma. It’s also good for business. SinglePoint Rating makes it happen.

It delivers fast, accurate, comparative quotes, resulting in happy (and loyal) customers – and good vibes all around. Hop on the bus!


SinglePoint brings it all together: agencies are able to provide great service, insurance shoppers get the right policy at the right price, and carriers get to compete for more business. Who knew rating software could spread so much goodness?

Tips and Updates for SinglePoint Users

Successful cutover to RMV's ATLAS system

ATLAS is up and running and playing nice with SinglePoint. More

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Forms and e-stamps

Easy ways to wow your clients. Learn more.

Integrating your agency management system

Save time and keystrokes (and reduce the risk of input errors).  More