Quick, easy, and accurate
comparative rating software

It’s part calculator ….

… and part sales tool

Help people get the right coverage at the right price

Create and deliver professional-looking presentations

Provide top-notch service and expertise

Close more sales

Supported lines of business

And soon to be released:

SinglePoint Commercial Auto lets you quickly generate multiple Commercial Auto quotes with no extra work. It gathers the common risk data and instantly bridges it to your carrier Web rating systems, so you can get comparative quotes to your commercial clients in a jiffy. Stay tuned for more info.

Add-on components

Time-saving features: Forms and e-Stamps

SinglePoint comes loaded with over 30 frequently-used forms to accelerate your workflow and allow you to demonstrate your efficiency and professionalism to customers. You can create, save, and print forms as PDFs and email them. Additionally, we’ve partnered with numerous carriers to create electronic stamps that agencies can use to expedite forms processing. E-Stamps are accepted by the RMV in lieu of rubber stamps.  Learn more:   Forms   e-Stamps

Start the conversation with online consumer quotes

Extend your reach with SinglePoint Leads, a simple quote form you install on your website or Facebook page that allows online shoppers to generate their own quote any time of day. Most consumers begin the buying process online; SinglePoint Leads is an easy way to join the online marketplace. Learn more.

SinglePoint Enhanced Integration

Does your agency need a custom or enhanced way of moving data in and out of SinglePoint – to integrate with a new Customer Relationship Management system, for example, or to enable a digital marketing campaign to generate a comparative quote? We can make it happen. Contact Charlie Walsh at charlie@bostonsoftware.com to discuss the ways SinglePoint can be customized to integrate with your agency’s systems.