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Integration Engine [it’s better together]

SinglePoint can work with your digital marketing systems in powerful ways

For those looking to do bigger things

Congratulations, your agency is committed to marketing in the digital age and it’s working! You’re getting more and more prospects interested in working with your agency. Maybe your agency launched a new Social Media campaign, a new email outreach effort, or a new way of connecting with prospects on your website. Maybe your agency implemented a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage the traffic.

That’s great stuff, but you don’t want your staff to have to re-type all the prospect/risk information (that you gathered in one of those systems) into SinglePoint to get a comparative quote. With SinglePoint’s new, extra-strength Integration Engine that time-draining, error-prone bottleneck is removed. Data can move effortlessly between systems, prefilling any or all of the rating fields in SinglePoint. You are in charge of the prospecting and workflow.

Next steps

If you are interested in discussing the ways SinglePoint can be customized to integrate with your agency’s systems, contact Charlie Walsh at A contract and annual license fee are required for use.