Agents embrace Registrations processing in SinglePoint

A few weeks ago, we along with the RMV lit up a new, cool, safe for option for agents and drivers to renew and reinstate Registrations right within SinglePoint.  This is downright revolutionary.  If you haven’t given it a try, we highly recommend it.  And if you want some additional encouragement, listen to what other MA agents are saying about this new capability:

“This Registry piece is just absolutely AMAZING, especially for a New Hampshire agent because everything can be emailed now instead of the overnight struggle. I have had wonderful success with your system and I am so GLAD the registry has given you/us this access and ability!!!! Keep up the GREAT work and service your company provides us agents.”
– Susan, Avery Insurance, Portsmouth NH

“Just did my very first Registration reinstatement and it was easy-peasy!”
– Sue, Galante Insurance, Cambridge MA

“The insured I reinstated yesterday was so pleased that it went through so smoothly — and I was so happy to help him.”
– Cynthia, Smith Brothers Insurance, Milford, MA

“I just completed my first reinstatement! It went through, my insured paid and got the receipt right away and she is on the road again. I am thrilled with this process!”
– Kathy, Partridge-Zschau Insurance, Turners Falls MA

“This is going to make our clients very happy.”
– Sylvia, E. J. McGrath Insurance, Dennis MA

“I had to let you know that I did my first plate reinstatement using the new system on Singlepoint. OMG it was so easy! It’s nice to know we have this new tool to help our customers!”
– Jeanne, Michaud, Rowe & Ruscak, North Andover MA

“After the transaction, I refreshed ATLAS and within one minute the registration showed ACTIVE!”
– Susan, Safe Harbour Insurance, Plymouth MA

“I like the system a lot — it works well, and I appreciate being able to get through and talk to someone if we ever have any questions.”
– Joe, Salem Five Insurance, Woburn MA

“Thank you … I was able to speak with someone yesterday and complete the reinstatement for my insured and everyone is happy.”
– Sharon, Feingold & Feingold Insurance, Worcester MA

“Good news! It worked! Thanks again for your help!”
– Patricia, Benevento Insurance, Swampscott MA

To see how easy it is to process a Registration renewal or reinstatement in SinglePoint, visit the Resource Center.