Arbella set to go Real-Time for Homeowners

Arbella has been Real-Time Rating in WinRater/SinglePoint for Auto for many years, but now they will be plugging in for Real-Time Rating of Homeowners policies in SinglePoint. This means Boston Software will no longer be “manufacturing” their rates, but rather quote premiums will be generated directly by Arbella web rating service and agents should enjoy improved efficiency and accuracy.

Some things you should know:

  • During the Real-Time Rating request, Arbella will check the Insurance Score(s). You will no longer need to run a lookup prior to rating to determine if the risk belongs in Mutual, Indemnity, or Protection. Arbella will do this for you and return the appropriate writing company.
  • Arbella will also select the appropriate rating tier for the risk: Standard, Preferred, Elite, or Bridge. Only one premium quote will be provided, eliminating cutter and potential confusion.
  • If/when you choose to Real-TIme Submit in SinglePoint, Arbella will provide you with a hyperlink that brings you directly to the quote on its site.
  • Assuming you have been Real-Time Rating Arbella Auto in SinglePoint, your carrier credentials are already in place and thus you have nothing to set up. If not, just go to SinglePoint Settings and enter your Arbella user ID and password.
  • As part of this cutover from manufactured to Real-Time Rating, you can expect that Boston Software will remove the four manufactured plans in SinglePoint. Look for a notification on the SinglePoint banner when we do this.
    Arbella will be sending notifications regarding this cutover to agencies as well.

Of course, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. We’re happy to help!