FAQs on Phase 2 of the RMV’s transition to ATLAS

You know the RMV is replacing their old ALARS system with the new ATLAS online portal system on Nov. 12, 2019 and ATLAS will become the RMV’s system of record for all transactions and record keeping.

But we are getting some questions about the other details …

Are things going to be really different on Nov. 12?

No.  You won’t experience big changes in your agency workflow.  And drivers won’t either.  Although the ATLAS portal will be accessible online if you have an account, most agents will still interact with the RMV through SinglePoint and carrier websites as they normally do today.

Will SinglePoint be different?

No.  SinglePoint’s RMV Lookup feature will still work exactly the same as before.  The only difference is that we will retrieve the driver, vehicle, and policy data from the ATLAS online database (rather than the ALARS mainframe), but that will all be done in the background.

But what about the new Registration and Title Application (RTA) Form … isn’t that different?

Yes it is.  The RMV is retiring the RMV-1 and RMV-3 forms and replacing them with a single new form called the RTA.  Barring any unforeseen snafus, the RMV will begin accepting the new RTA form on Nov. 12. Don’t worry, the RTA will be included in the list of forms available in SinglePoint. Completing the RTA will be just like completing any other form in SinglePoint.

Why is the RMV making this change?

Mostly because Massachusetts is investing in keeping its systems and infrastructure up to date.  The fact is the ALARS system was old and in need of updating.  The new ATLAS online system will be more modern, accessible, secure, and adaptable to today’s computing needs.  It benefits everyone.

Will agents need to file new paperwork with the RMV in order to use ATLAS or to use the RMV Lookup in SinglePoint?

If you completed the RMV’s Access Agreement last year and currently have access to eServices on the ATLAS portal, you do not need to complete any new paperwork or modify your Access Agreement.

What is the “Get Ready” process that I am hearing about?

Get Ready is a program we helped design in partnership with the RMV to help drivers get through the RMV branches faster and with no mistakes when completing transactions such as registering a vehicle.  The “get ready” part means the RTA and transactional data will be ready and waiting for the driver (or the runner) when they get to the RMV.

Wow this sounds good. When will this be available?

The goal is to have this available for the Nov. 12 cutover, but we are not 100% certain the RMV and Boston Software can support it as early as that.  We will provide more details as soon as we can.