Authentication error in SinglePoint? Here’s what to do.

Sometimes you enter all the risk data in SinglePoint and click the Rate button on the Premium screen for a specific carrier(s), but instead of getting a premium quote you get an error that reads Authentication Error. Please check the Carrier Credentials in your SinglePoint Settings. What theā€¦.?!

All this error means is that SinglePoint does not have the correct user identification and password (i.e. carrier credentials) for this carrier. The reason? Maybe you never entered this information in SinglePoint Settings. Or maybe this carrier made you change your password on their website (carriers require this periodically for security purposes), but you forgot to update it in SinglePoint Settings.

Just remember: the ID and password that you use to log in to your carrier website must be the exact same ID and password that is stored in SinglePoint. If they do not match, you will get an Authentication Error when trying to real-time rate.

Briefly, here is how to add or edit your Carrier credentials in SinglePoint:

1. From the SinglePoint dashboard, select the drop down next to your username, then select SinglePoint Settings.

2. Then select Carrier and Third Party Credentials.

3. Next, open the + sign next to the appropriate carrier and enter the required, updated information in the fields.

Be sure to hit Save Changes any time you make an entry in these fields.

Of course you can always ask the SinglePoint Account Manager in your office or give us a call.