Barnstable Mutual plugs into SinglePoint for Real-Time Rating and Submitting

Barnstable County Mutual Insurance has been a longtime friend and partner of WinRater and SinglePoint. Their manufactured HO rates have been part of our rating platform since … well, since before fire was discovered. Now they are taking the friendship to a new level: Real-Time Rating in SinglePoint.

Required Action:  Manufactured rating of Barnstable is no longer available.  You MUST enter your Barnstable user ID and password in SinglePoint Settings to begin using the new Barnstable Real-Time plan that has replaced the old, manufactured rates in SinglePoint.  We encourage you to do so immediately and not wait until you are talking to a prospect and need access to the Real-Time rates.

  • You will have to select the desired Barnstable plan under Options when quoting HO3 or HO5; Barnstable will return the premium for that plan.
  • There is no plan selection for HO4 or HO6.
  • Real-Time Submission is available now, too. No more rekeying all data into the Barnstable site. SinglePoint will bridge the data over to it.