Carrier Solutions

SinglePoint is where independent agents go to calculate Real-Time Rates when selling or servicing their book of business. Just about every carrier and agent doing business in Massachusetts is plugged in to SinglePoint. Carriers get the opportunity to present their best price and coverage options to their agents in the field; agents get speed, ease and accuracy when advising customers; and customers get comprehensive insurance options and advice to consider. To plug in to SinglePoint for Real-Time Rating, contact Michele Gillen.

SinglePoint also offers several features and services that provide carriers with the opportunity to leverage SinglePoint’s technologies, data, and installed user base:

E-stamps and forms

Boston Software can work with carriers to create e-stamps that can be applied with the click of a button to RTAs, binders, etc. No more rubber stamps!

For those carriers with service centers or who need certain Massachusetts forms and eStamps to process business, Boston Software can provide these directly to you. Contact John Janek for more information or to get started.


SinglePoint’s Multi-Quote service is a great way for carriers to put their best offer on the table. When an agent requests a Real-Time Auto or Home quote, Multi-Quote enables SinglePoint to display two different quotes. One is the “agent requested” quote based on the coverages and options the agent recommends for their prospect. The other is the “carrier selected” quote, which reflects the coverages and options recommended by the carrier, including discounts for multi-policy, paid in full, EFT, comprehensive/collision deductibles, etc.

Contact John Janek for more information or to get started.

Aggregated quote data

For carriers that want to analyze SinglePoint quoting data for competitive market purposes, Boston Software provides a service that aggregates all the quotes generated in SinglePoint, removes carrier and private information, and delivers the data to participating carriers at the start of every month.

Contact Charlie Walsh for more information.