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Commercial Auto [more quotes, more customers]

A bridge to new business for
carriers and agents

SinglePoint Commercial Auto – Boston Software’s newest product – provides carriers with the opportunity to quote more Commercial Auto business.

The problem:

The quoting process is too cumbersome

Independent agents work hard to find and build relationships with commercial lines prospects.  In most cases, these prospects are looking for comparative quotes from carriers so they get the best price and coverage options.  But in order to get multiple quotes, agents have to type the risk data into each of their carrier web systems over and over and over.  That takes a lot of time and manpower.  As a result, agents typically quote with one carrier, possibly two.  Most carriers are left out of the quoting process entirely.  And most prospects are not properly served.

The solution:

Make it easier to bridge data into carrier quoting systems

With SinglePoint Commercial Auto, agents collect and enter the risk data once and then instantly bridge it to multiple carrier systems. Everyone wins: carriers get to quote on business they might not have seen otherwise; prospects get to choose from broad options of carriers, coverages, and premiums; and agents get to provide professional guidance and expertise.


  • SinglePoint CommAuto leverages many of the same rating features and technologies we’ve developed since 1995.
  • SinglePoint gathers the common data and policy information entered by the agent including Business Name, SIC Code, TAX ID, Locations, Drivers, Vehicles, Coverages, Symbols, etc.
  • This data is consolidated into an ACORD XML compliant transaction and “bridged” to Carrier web service (just like a Real-Time Auto or Home Submission that many carriers have implemented in SinglePoint).
  • The ACORD transaction will include userID/password content that Carrier will use to authenticate.
  • SinglePoint will submit the data to each carrier’s web rating service. The carrier systems will process the risk data and generate links that will open new browser tabs with the Comm Auto application on each carrier’s website.  (At this time SinglePoint will not provide agents with a Real-Time Rate.)
  • All the risk data collected in SinglePoint will be prefilled in the Commercial Auto quote fields on the carrier sites. Agents will only have to fill out the remaining carrier-specific fields to generate a rate.

How carriers can get started:

If you have already implemented a Real-Time service with Boston Software, turning on Commercial Auto is a pretty straightforward process. It basically follow sthe same process as an Auto or Home Real-Time Submission. Here are the basic steps:

  • Review and analyze an XML file we will provide that contains the CommAuto data elements that will get bridged from SinglePoint.
  • Update and/or enable Commercial Auto submission.
  • Review existing service connection, i.e. infrastructure, authentication, and security.
  • Create test procedures and environment.
  • Sign Amendment to Carrier Cooperative amendment.

Contact Charlie Walsh at 781-449-8585 to learn more.