Carrier Info


The Andover Companies

  • A manufactured rate is calculated based on the rating manual and logic we receive from the carrier.

Cambridge rates

  • Cambridge rates are supplied for renewal quoting only.

Wind/Hail and Hurricane deductibles

  • SinglePoint only supports the Wind/Hail deductible for Andover. SinglePoint does NOT support the Hurricane deductible.

Water Backup Limits

  • WinRater only supports Water Backup Limits starting at $5000. WInRater does NOT support the Andover limit of $2500.

CreditCarrier does not run a credit report during the Real-Time Rating process
Coastal LookupCarrier does not run Risk Meter (distance to coast) or similar mapping tool for the dwelling location
Plan SelectionCarrier does not assign the appropriate plan based on underwriting criteria
Modification of LimitsCarrier does not change unoffered limits entered in SinglePoint to its closest offering and presents a rate
Agency CodeCarrier does not require you to enter an agency code in order to use Real-Time Rating
EligibilityCarrier does not determine if the risk is eligible or ineligible during the Real-Time Rating process