Bristol West


Bristol West

  • Auto
  • General

    • Rating for New Business Quotes only.
    • An average rating factor for all rated drivers is determined and automatically applied to all vehicles on a quote. As a result, you will not see an SDIP credit or surcharge on a quote and nor will changing driver assignment impact the premium.
    • Auto rating is not integrated with the Registry of Motor Vehicles at this time so make sure all incidents are added for an accurate premium.
    • Annual premiums are displayed in SinglePoint, but upon bridging into the Bristol West system you will see options for both 6 and 12 month terms.

    Vehicle Tab

    • The maximum number of vehicles on a quote is 6.

    Driver Tab

    • Operators cannot be excluded on a specific vehicle. Driver Exclusions must apply to all vehicles.
    • Relationship to Insured is required and the first driver on a quote must be designated as the Insured in order to rate.
    • The maximum number of drivers on a quote is 6.
    Lookup By LicenseCannot retrieve and validate driver history using a license number
    Lookup By VinCannot retrieve and validate vehicle history using a full VIN
    Clue ReportingDoes not run a Clue Report (which takes into account at-fault and not-at-fault accidents as part of the rating criteria) as part of the Real-Time Rating process
    EligibilityDetermines if the risk is eligible or ineligible during the Real-Time Rating process
    Renewal RatingDoes not quote renewal rates within SinglePoint
    Effective DatesDoes not quote prior rate filings further than 30 days back
    Motorcycle RatingDoes not quote motorcycle risks in SinglePoint
    Out of state GaragingQuotes vehicles garaged out-of-state
    Out of state DriversHandles drivers with out-of-state experience in a unique manner
    Agency CodesRequires specific agency code info in order to generate a real-time quote
    Automatic updates of Agency CodesDoes not automatically import and save your agency codes
    Modification of LimitsChanges unoffered limits entered in SinglePoint to its closest offering and present a rate