Union Mutual of Vermont


Union Mutual of Vermont

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    • Real-Time Rating available 24×7

    Coverages C and D

    • Union Mutual of Vermont includes Coverage C – Personal Property and Coverage D – Loss of Use premiums in the base premium.

    Quote rejection

    • Union Mutual of Vermont will reject a quote if:
      • A townhouse has more than 8 units
      • A Home Daycare is endorsed on the Home Quote and the number of people is greater than 3.
    CreditCarrier does not run a credit report during the Real-Time Rating process
    Coastal LookupCarrier runs a Risk Meter (distance to coast) or similar mapping tool for the dwelling location
    Plan SelectionCarrier does not assign the appropriate plan based on underwriting criteria
    Modification of LimitsCarrier changes unoffered limits entered in SinglePoint to its closest offering and presents a rate
    Agency CodeCarrier does not require you to enter an agency code in order to use Real-Time Rating
    EligibilityCarrier determines if the risk is eligible or ineligible during the Real-Time Rating process