Latest fixes for the RTA in SinglePoint as of Nov. 21, 2019

Thanks to all the agents who have emailed or called us to report issues and anomalies with the new Registration and Title Application. Fixes to reported bugs and enhancements that have already been posted to SinglePoint: For cancelled policies, SinglePoint will now provide the (appended) cancellation reason. Added list of Makes for trailers and motorcyles […]

IMPORTANT: ‘Date First Licensed’ in new RMV ATLAS system

Please be aware that the Date First Licensed data that is provided to agents, carriers and vendors by the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ new ATLAS system may differ from the Date First Licensed data that was previously provided in the ALARS system. The RMV ATLAS system no longer provides Date First Licensed (DFL) data before […]

RMV transition to ATLAS: Official summary from the RMV

Our contacts at the RMV have provided a summary of information regarding the transition from ALARS to ATLAS, which they would like us to share with you. It is a clear, concise breakdown of what you need to know. You should know all this already (we hope), but it’s always good to review. RMV transition […]