The importance of knowing how to quote MAIP rates

Agents, carriers, vendors, and of course consumers have been forced to manage the challenges of this hard market for many many months now. No one is having any fun.  Carriers have lost their appetite for new risks, given all of the pressures of loss ratios, repair costs, inflation, reinsurance, etc. Premiums are skyrocketing.  Agents are […]

A new printout for Auto Quotes: the Short Proposal

At the request of agents we added a new Auto Quote Worksheet to SinglePoint that presents a summary of coverages.  We are calling this the Short Proposal (very clever by us!) because it is shorter than the Long Proposal, which presents all 12 parts.   In addition, we added some functionality to the Short Proposal that […]

New Feature: copy Agency Codes

Managing Agency Codes for all your carriers is a little easier — now SinglePoint Managers can copy (and paste) Agency Codes for all branch locations. Problem:  your agency has multiple branch locations.  You write with a bunch of carriers that require specific Agency Codes when rating…and you are the SinglePoint Manager who needs to set […]

SinglePoint: a better alternative for processing EVR transactions

Upgrade your agency’s Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) processing with SinglePoint, the superior choice over CVR or DealerTrack software.  Here’s why: Save your agency money: SinglePoint has no monthly fees and the EVR fees for each transaction may be lower than our competitors. Easier to use:  The SinglePoint workflow is quick and easy.  With various prefills […]

How to re-enable a SinglePoint user account that has been disabled

It is standard practice for software companies to automatically disable a user if the user does not log into the software platform on a regular basis. This is done for security purposes. Leaving users active (even when they are not) creates a pretty serious vulnerabilty to hackers. It is like leaving a window slightly ajar […]

What really happens during Real Time Rating?

Understanding rates and eligibility/declines Many agents who use SinglePoint may not know how real-time rating works in SinglePoint and how rates are determined. You enter your customer’s risk information in SinglePoint and click “RATE ALL PLANS” or “RATE” on the Premium tab, but then what happens? SinglePoint, working in partnership with your carriers, sends this […]

Why more of your risks are getting declined/rejected.

Analysts and trade publications are noting how loss cost for MA insurers (and across the country) continue to increase, especially for auto insurers. This is a familiar tale: No doubt you are seeing more declines or rejections when quoting in SinglePoint. We are getting a lot of calls, emails, and Live Chats from agents. They […]

Electronic stamp for MAIP

You may have heard that MA Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers (CAR) just announced they are making an electronic stamp (e-stamp) available for MAIP business.  Click here to read the official bulletin. This is welcome and exciting news — we all have been waiting for a MAIP e-stamp for a long time!  A number of agents have […]