Six easy ways to rate more accurately

Just a little bit of effort can go a long way.  You know this already. I don’t have to tell you that stretching for even five minutes, taking a couple minutes to clean up your inbox, or contacting one new prospect every business day will yield significant, positive results.  The same is true with SinglePoint.  […]

Three easy ways to market EVR Lite to your customers

We’ve put together a few samples of marketing communications that can help agencies raise awareness among their customers that they can handle, on-site, many pesky RMV transactions, including vehicle registrations and plate transfers. We hope these get your creative marketing juices flowing! Store sign If your agency gets foot traffic, an impactful sign is an […]

Is EVR Lite right for you? A self-quiz.

In a typical month, does your agency process between 10 – 35 RTA transactions i.e. Plate Transfers, new Registration and Title Applcations, etc.? You would need to prove this by providing a list of recent transactions to the RMV for their review and approval. Are you willing to complete the RMV’s application process? This includes […]

Agents finding success with EVR Lite

Since Boston Software became an authorized service provider for the Registry of Motor Vehicle’s Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) Lite program, many agencies have qualified for the program and discovered the benefits of being able to register and title vehicles right within SinglePoint. See a sampling of their feedback below. “We can issue Registrations and temporary […]

Nationwide begins Real-Time Rating in SinglePoint

Great news! Nationwide Insurance will begin Real-Time Rating in SinglePoint for Auto and Homeowners new business beginning May 8, 2022. If you had access to Harleysville for Home rating, you will automatically be granted access to the Nationwide real-time Home product. In order to rate Nationwide Auto through SinglePoint, you will need to contact Boston Software (781-449-8585) […]

Spinning error in SinglePoint

If you see an error message that looks like this : as you work in SinglePoint, don’t be alarmed. This is part of our effort to identify specific errors that are occurring in SinglePoint.  We have heard from some agents that SinglePoint has been non-responsive – i.e. spinning and spinning – at certain times or […]

Why doesn’t SinglePoint have an auto-save feature?

Many agents have requested that we add an “auto-save” feature to SinglePoint.  It seems agents want this feature because they often get pulled away from SinglePoint to do something else and, after 15 minutes, SinglePoint times out. After logging back in to SinglePoint, agents believe they have lost all their quote data. However, the data […]

SinglePoint Feedback

First of all, thank you to everyone who took the time to send us your suggestions and ideas for SinglePoint.  Some of you sent complaints about what you didn’t like in SinglePoint, which is very helpful, too.  We know how busy you are so we greatly appreciate this. Here are the features and ideas that […]

EVR Lite User Bulletin

You do not need to create an RTA when processing an EVR Lite transaction Once you have done a few EVR Lite transactions and “gotten your feet wet,” you should be able to process a new title and Registration or transfer a plate in 15-20 minutes. If it is taking you a lot longer, you […]

Let’s Be Accurate, Smart, and Fast in 2022

It started with the matchboxes we gave out at the 2021 MAIA trade show: each matchbox was printed with an encouraging message – either Let’s Be Fast, Let’s Be Accurate, or Let’s Be Smart. The idea for the matchboxes popped into Charlie Walsh’s head when he was thinking about the things that small businesses need […]