Final postcard from WinRater: Lost in the desert

WinRater’s luck runs out. It’s 102 degrees in the shade. But man, Vegas is cold. I played craps into the wee hours last night. Lost every nickel to my name. People started calling me LoseRater. The evening ended when I spilled my “complimentary” white Russian on the craps table and some casino goons grabbed me […]

Postcard from WinRater: South of the Border

WinRater’s luck runs out. Hey it’s your pal WinRater comin’ at ya from the Alamo! Why the Alamo, you ask? Well muchachos, I have no idea. Maybe because of that Pee Wee Herman movie. Maybe because this place symbolizes the fight for independence, which is something you and I can relate to, right? Everyone around […]

WinRater hits the road. The road hits back.

WinRater’s luck runs out. Hey, it’s your pal WinRater writing from sunny Florida! They officially unplugged me last Friday. I said to myself, Self, all you’ve done for the last 20-plus years is help others, quoting a kajillion rates and selling policies, you oughta focus on your own happiness. So that’s what I’m gonna do. […]

It’s the final countdown to WinRater retirement

Beginning Tuesday, October 9 we will transition small groups of agencies to SinglePoint and shut off access to WinRater. We will do this each day through Friday, Oct. 19 until all agencies have access to SinglePoint only. Assuming all goes according to plan, WinRater will no longer be operational to any agencies as of Friday, […]

You just received the last rate change to WinRater

We solemnly and with heavy heart inform you that we processed the final rate change to WinRater Auto and Home Rating Software.  Yes, that is Taps playing quietly in the background.  Fittingly, it was a FAIR Plan rate change, one that will reach virtually all of our customers. All rate changes going forward will only […]

IMPORTANT: ‘Date First Licensed’ in new RMV ATLAS system

Please be aware that the Date First Licensed data that is provided to agents, carriers and vendors by the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ new ATLAS system may differ from the Date First Licensed data that was previously provided in the ALARS system. The RMV ATLAS system no longer provides Date First Licensed (DFL) data before […]