Changes to how agents access RMV information in WinRater/SinglePoint

By Boston Software on February 16th, 2018

Action required by March 5, 2018

You likely have received information directly from the RMV (or MAIA) regarding the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles’ transition from its ALARS system to its new Web-based ATLAS database system. We have received a number of calls from agents regarding this transition and thus thought it best to clarify some information and clear up potential confusion.

Here are the basics:

There is a CRITICAL deadline of MARCH 5 if you want to have continued access to RMV data within WinRater/SinglePoint. Agencies must complete the new Access Agreement issued by the RMV by March 5 or Boston Software is obligated to terminate your RMV access in our applications. Do not miss this deadline. When completing the additional RMV Business Partner Contract Form, you should provide Boston Software as your Processing Entity at the bottom of the form with the following information:
  • Processing Entity Name: Boston Software, Corp.
  • Contact Name: Charles Walsh
  • Address: 189 Reservoir Street Needham, MA 02494
  • Email:
  • Phone: 781-449-8585
Both forms should be submitted to the RMV. It is not necessary to send them to Boston Software at this time. The submission deadline is March 5, and you may submit them via mail or email:

By email:

By mail: MassDOT Registry of Motor Vehicles Division RMV IS Security 25 Newport Avenue Extension Quincy, MA 02172

If you receive RMV data from additional third party providers you should indicate that on a separate page

This RMV upgrade is a good thing. The ALARS system has been a real workhorse, but ATLAS will provide faster, more manageable, easier access to RMV records. Third-party vendors like Boston Software will continue to have access to RMV data and provide the same services to MA agents and carriers, but we will use newer, more robust ATLAS technology. Carriers, if they choose to, can still provide RMV access to agents via their carrier websites. But instead of accessing the screens through ALARS, they will be accessing through ATLAS. Agents that need to access specific RMV screens that are not provided by Boston Software or a carrier website will need their own RMV ATLAS to connect directly to the ATLAS portal. The RMV will periodically provide Boston Software with a list of Agents that have an approved agreement. We will enable the RMV access in WinRater/SinglePoint if your agency is on that list. Again, the RMV is requiring that they receive the Access Agreement by MARCH 5 in order to provide sufficient time to permit access.

This does not impact WinRater/SinglePoint comparative rating in your agency

WinRater and SinglePoint will continue to retrieve driver, vehicle, and policy information from the RMV when you are quoting MA Auto policies. Again, the only difference is we will retrieve the Driver data via ATLAS, instead of ALARS. We are working closely with the RMV to ensure that this is a non-event for you and all of our carrier partners. However, the RMV requires all Boston Software clients to complete all required documentation.

As mentioned above, agents are required to complete a new RMV User Agreement to maintain their access to RMV records for rating, underwriting, and claims investigation

You should have received this Access Agreement already. It must be completed by March 5, 2018, otherwise you will lose access to the RMV when we transition to ATLAS later in March.

Agencies should run backgrounds checks on your staff who will access RMV data

As part of the Access Agreement, all users who have access to RMV data are required to pass a background check. The details are spelled out clearly in the Agreement. This should not be taken lightly. The responsibility sits with your agency to properly vet your employees who will have access to RMV records. Ultimately, the agency would be responsible if an employee misuses the RMV access or data. Also, background checks are required for various types of connections, including using ATLAS directly or using Boston Software’s products.

Agencies can get direct access to the RMV website by creating their our own account, but it may not be necessary

Most agencies will access the RMV through a third party system or a carrier website, but there are reasons why you might need direct access to the RMV website:
  • If you currently use the RMV’s VPN/3270 terminal emulator solution and still need to look up information not provided by Boston Software’s products, your agency management system, or carrier website.
  • If your carrier is no longer providing access to RMV screens for RMV information after March 28 and still need access to specific RMV screens.
We suggest you talk to your contacts at the RMV, MAIA, and carriers to determine what is best for your agency. Carriers may make changes to their RMV access because of the transition to ATLAS.

There are many benefits of this transition to ATLAS

Boston Software will continue to work with the RMV during this transition and the ongoing phases of the ATLAS project. We expect to fully harness the power, ease and flexibility of ATLAS so that our Agent and Carrier partners can achieve more efficient workflow. Massachusetts drivers will receive more comprehensive, fast, accurate service as a result.

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