Boston Software launches consumer site for e-stamp requests and Reg renewals

Beginning this week, drivers who need an insurance stamp to renew their vehicle Registrations will have a new online option: This website, designed in partnership with the Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles and Mass. Association of Insurance Agents, will allow drivers to enter their vehicle information, look up their agent in SinglePoint’s easy-to-use agency database, and send a request for an e-stamp to their agent.

Instead of calling or visiting their agent and explaining they need an insurance stamp, drivers will be able to request the e-stamp, initiate the Reg renewal process, and pay for their Registration all within the safe, secure SinglePoint workflow.

What does this mean for agents?

Because drivers will enter the basic vehicle/Registration data on, agents will no longer have to enter it themselves in SinglePoint. All the data will instantly prefill into the appropriate SinglePoint fields, making the process faster and simpler:

  • Agent verifies insurance (i.e., provides an e-stamp)
  • SinglePoint, in conjunction with the RMV ATLAS system, sends payment request to insured
  • Insured pays by credit card, Registration is renewed, and the vehicle can be driven immediately
  • RMV sends the official Registration in the mail to the driver

So be on the lookout for e-stamp requests in your inbox and SinglePoint dashboard. Once you receive them all you have to do is click the link and follow the simple workflow.

And be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns at

PS – You maybe be wondering, how will drivers know about this new “touchless” process? The RMV has added an option to its standard RMV-2 Registration renewal notice (see below) that gets mailed monthly to drivers with expiring Registrations. For those drivers that require insurance verification (i.e. “INS STAMP REQUIRED”), Option 3 will encourage them to visit