Dealers set to plug into SinglePoint EVR to request e-stamps from agents

Service will enable faster, easier, safer insurance verification for cars purchased at dealerships

Massachusetts auto dealers will soon be able to request insurance stamps from agents online, thanks to a new dealer portal powered by SinglePoint. The idea for the service was conceived by a working group comprised of MA agents, dealers, vendors, and the RMV that recognized that the process to obtain a stamped RTA form when a MA driver buys a new/used car from a dealership is cumbersome for everyone involved.

The group met virtually a number of times in 2020 to discuss ways to streamline the process and promote better communication between all parties. The basic question before the group was how to get an e-stamp on an RTA that didn’t require faxing and waiting so that a person could drive the car off the lot quickly, safely, and legally.

The answer to this question is SinglePoint EVR (Electronic Vehicle Registration).

You may already be familiar with SinglePoint EVR because you’ve received requests for e-stamps from your insureds, who need to renew their vehicle Registrations (learn about SinglePoint EVR for consumers here). Now, dealers will be connected to SinglePoint and you likely will see more of these requests for e-stamps. And fewer faxes, phone calls, and back-and-forths.

SinglePoint EVR will work much the same way for dealers as it does for consumers:

  • Dealers will log into, enter basic driver and vehicle info, do a quick search to locate the buyer’s insurance agency, then send a request for an e-stamp.
  • Once the agent verifies insurance is in place and applies the e-stamp, the RTA is ready for the RMV.
  • Every step of the process is tracked on the SinglePoint dashboard, eliminating the delays and the unknowns.

We’re very excited to welcome dealers into the SinglePoint RMV ecosystem, where transactions that once required visiting an RMV branch or mailing or faxing documents can now be completed online. It’s a faster, easier, and safer way of doing business.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to email me or Michele Gillen. Look for more specific information this week as we begin to pilot-test this new service with dealers!