Determining the right district when quoting homes in Boston

It’s easy to get lost in the city of Boston, with its many neighborhoods, crooked streets, and crannies. Most people have a hard time even finding Faneuil Hall. So when your insured tells you their property is located on a certain street in Hyde Park or Roslindale or Jamaica Plain, how are you supposed to know what district (A, B, C, D, or Other) to choose from in SinglePoint?

The insurance gods have divided Boston into four separate districts for insurance rating purposes. Each district contains many territories. The Fire Protection classes are derived from those territories, which can have a significant impact on the rate. So it is essential to know which district a property falls into.

Agents call Boston Software every day confused about which Boston District to choose in SinglePoint Rating. Some agents have created their own map distinguishing each district. Others just take a guess, which is never a good idea (didn’t your mother tell you that?!) and can lead to quote discrepancies. We believe the best source for finding out which district a specific property is located in is your carrier underwriter. But if you still need guidance, we have a Boston street listing that breaks each street into its correct district. This is a valuable resource, easy to use, and we are happy to share it. To get it, just email Michele Gillen.