DocuSign and SinglePoint partner for easy e-signatures

Agents that use DocuSign for electronic document signature and management can now integrate this service with SinglePoint. This means you’ll be able to create documents such as RTAs in SinglePoint as you normally do today, but you also will be able to send them to clients and interested parties for electronic signatures directly within SinglePoint.  And because the MA RMV will accept RTAs with e-signatures now, your workflow will be more efficient. Your customers will appreciate the ease and convenience, too.

As you may know, DocuSign is the leader in electronic document signature and management. We canvassed agencies and know many of you have been using DocuSign for years. Thus, we are aiming to do the most good for the most agents. If you currently use DocuSign, you will only need to provide consent (i.e. a simple, one-step process) to integrate it with SinglePoint. Please email with questions or for help setting this up.

There are no additional fees beyond the DocuSign fees to integrate your DocuSign service with your SinglePoint. If you are an MAIA member you may also qualify for a discount.

If you’d like to learn more about using DocuSign, we encourage you to visit

Please note that if you are using a different e-signature vendor or do not want to use DocuSign, we are not ruling out the possibility of supporting other vendors in the future. Contact Charlie Walsh with questions and comments.