Electronic stamp for MAIP

You may have heard that MA Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers (CAR) just announced they are making an electronic stamp (e-stamp) available for MAIP business.  Click here to read the official bulletin.

This is welcome and exciting news — we all have been waiting for a MAIP e-stamp for a long time!  A number of agents have contacted us to see if/when the MAIP e-stamp will be in available in SinglePoint. 

Our answer is soon, we expect, but we really can’t promise any specific date.

It is important to note that the rules regarding how the MAIP e-stamp can be used are a little different than how voluntary carriers use e-stamps.  We are actively talking with the technical team at CAR and reviewing their rules and specifications.  We will provide more details in the near future as we come to understand them. 

But for now, trust that this is a high priority for us and we are working on it.