New Feature: copy Agency Codes

Managing Agency Codes for all your carriers is a little easier — now SinglePoint Managers can copy (and paste) Agency Codes for all branch locations.

Problem:  your agency has multiple branch locations.  You write with a bunch of carriers that require specific Agency Codes when rating…and you are the SinglePoint Manager who needs to set these up for your all your users in all your branches.  In the past you would have to enter each Code for each carrier and for each branch location. 

Solution: now you can enter the Agency Codes one time in one branch and copy them to your other branches, provided you want users at all branch locations to have access to the same Agency Codes.

Here’s how:

  • Go to SinglePoint Settings
  • Select Rating: Manage Setting for Rating
  • Select Agency Codes
  • Enter the Agency Codes for any/all of your appointed carriers and select SAVE CHANGES.
  • Notice options on the right side of screen:
     FYI: Facility is a fancy word for agency branch.
  • Select COPY TO ALL FACILITIES to copy the Agency Codes you just entered for this branch and apply them to the other branches in your entire organization.  
  • Once you select COPY TO ALL FACILITIES, you can select the Agency Codes for specific carriers or All carriers and copy these fields to your other branches.
  • Close SinglePoint Settings when you are done.
  • Note:  if you don’t want to copy and give all locations access to the same codes, you can select CHANGE FACILITY to manually enter Agency Codes that are unique for each branch.   
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