A new printout for Auto Quotes: the Short Proposal

At the request of agents we added a new Auto Quote Worksheet to SinglePoint that presents a summary of coverages.  We are calling this the Short Proposal (very clever by us!) because it is shorter than the Long Proposal, which presents all 12 parts.  

In addition, we added some functionality to the Short Proposal that enables you to customize the form with your agency logo and a specific written message.   Our aim is to roll out more quote presentation options in the near future.

You can access the Short Proposal right next to the Long Proposal.  Chceck it out!

  • When you are finished quoting, go to the Plan Summary.
  • Select Print.
  • Select PRINT SHORT PROPOSAL from dropdown list.

To add your Agency Logo and Message on the Short Proposal, have your SinglePoint Manager complete the following steps:

  • Go to SinglePoint Settings
  • Select “Rating:  Manage Settings for Rating”
  • Select “Printing: Manage Settings for Quote Printing and PDF”.  You will see this screen: 
    •  Enter/change any contact information for your agency.  Upload your logo.  We recommend you set the image size for your logo to 300 x 100 pixels. Write whatever message you want to appear in the message box.
    • Select “SAVE CHANGES”