SinglePoint EVR Resources

Use the links below to access a variety of resources that can help agents using EVR Lite and EVR Full.

Background checks are required to participate

Each individual EVR participant (minimum of two per location) must undergo and pass a background check. This background check is run and reviewed by the Permit Holder. The background check must show that the individual EVR participant has not been convicted of a felony, including violence, dishonesty, deceit, or indecency as pursuant to the Registry of Motor Vehicles Access Agreement section 11A. All background checks must also include verification that the individual EVR participant’s driver license is not suspended, revoked, or subject to any non-renewal actions.

Once you have completed the backgrounds checks, complete the Permit Holder IEP certification. Do NOT send copies of the background checks to anyone. Email the completed IEP Certification form to

There are services that will process background checks. We recommend IntelliCorp, which offers a small discount to MAIA members. Please note that you will have to answer a series of questions for your agency and take a brief training regarding privacy, how to review the results, etc. Allow 3-5 days to complete this process.

You can also run checks through the state of Massachusetts.

Still have questions? Email Michele Gillen or Melissa Nowak at Boston Software.