EVR Lite User Bulletin

You do not need to create an RTA when processing an EVR Lite transaction

Once you have done a few EVR Lite transactions and “gotten your feet wet,” you should be able to process a new title and Registration or transfer a plate in 15-20 minutes. If it is taking you a lot longer, you may be doing extra – and unnecessary – steps such as creating a full RTA, printing the RTA, getting signatures on the RTA, etc.

You don’t have to create an RTA. Let’s take it from the top and show you all you need to do:

1.  On the left navigation column of the SinglePoint dashboard, under RMV Services, click All Services.

2.  On the RMV Services menu, select the transaction you wish to process. (Note: Only two transactions – Register and Title a new vehicle and Transfer plate to a new vehicle – are currently available. More EVR Lite transactions are coming soon.)

3.  Click through the five tabs – Service Type, Vehicle, Owner, Purchase, and Insurance – and enter all the required data. This effectively creates an RTA that will be electronically uploaded to ATLAS (eliminating the need to print the RTA at all).

IMPORTANT: you will see the option Skip to RTA at the bottom left on every tab. You do not need to click this or create an RTA for these EVR Lite transactions.

4.  At any time while entering data, you can click Save for Later button so that you can complete the transaction later if you get interrupted or are waiting for some information from your insured. Once all the data is entered on each tab, we recommend that you click Save for Later in order to save all transaction data in SinglePoint so that you can complete the EVR Lite transaction when it is best for you. Remember, once you begin the EVR Lite screen, the final transaction must be completed on the same day.

5.  You will be returned to the RMV Services menu. Click Open Previously Saved Transaction.

6.  A list of Owners (of the policy/vehicle) will appear. Click on the owner (i.e. transaction) you are actively processing.

7.  The five tabs will appear again. Verify the accuracy of the information you’ve entered. Click Check RMV Eligibility when you are ready.

8.  SinglePoint will send all the data to the RMV for review. The RMV will return a message that says the transaction is eligible for EVR Lite issuance. Click the Initiate button.

9.  You will be prompted to upload the scanned documents to the RMV and send the request for payment email to your insured.