Put yourself in the driver's seat!

→ Issue plates at your agency

→ Delight your insureds

(and it's not that hard!)

Want to step up your customer service game and truly make things easier for your insureds? Check out SinglePoint’s Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) program. Built in partnership with the RMV, this breakthrough technology enables insurance agents to register and title vehicles and issue metal or temporary plates on the spot — no trip to the RMV required. Do you think your customers would like that?  ; )



Provide better customer service​

Your customers will love not having to go to the RMV or waiting for a runner or the mail to get their docs and get on the road.


Stay competitive​

Others are processing EVR transactions ... why let the competition get ahead and poach your customers?


Attract more customers​

Handling these RMV services will differentiate your agency from other agencies and help you grow your book of business.


Eliminate mistakes​

SinglePoint is integrated with RMV ATLAS so it’s nearly impossible to make mistakes when completing an RTA, registering a vehicle, etc.


Save time and effort​

SinglePoint eliminates the back and forth, so when your insured calls and asks how to get their new car on the road, you can service them on the spot!



Drive the same day

The waiting game is over! Process and issue metal plates (or print temporary plates) and Registrations right at your agency. Once your insureds pay their RMV fees they can drive away in their newly-purchased vehicle.​


Avoid the RMV

Your customers won’t have to take a day off from work to go to the RMV branch to wait in line. No more runners either, which can often take 1-2 days.


Rest assured

With the help of SinglePoint, you can handle the entire transaction so customers know it is done right. SinglePoint workflow prevents you from making mistakes and thus the transaction is complete.

Still have questions? Email Michele Gillen or Melissa Nowak at Boston Software.

For a list of links to helpful resources, visit the EVR Lite Resources page.